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Invitational Intervention is when the addicted individual is invited to participate in a family meeting. Invitational interventions are often referred to as "Systemic Interventions", "ARISE Interventions" or "Family Meeting Interventions". The invitation process is strictly scripted and requires professional coaching. The invitational process can start a month or longer in advance to the formal intervention.

This approach is often more appropriate for individuals with a history of trauma and abuse. The invitation presents the addicted individual with a choice and some empowerment vs. feelings of being a victim and threatened. When you call Intervention 180 we complete an assessment to decide which form of intervention is most suitable for your loved one. If you are interested in finding out more about the invitation intervention process, please feel free to call our national, toll-free helpline.

For Assistance Call Our National Helpline 1-888-435-7960