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Mental Health Intervention often involves more preparation and clinical expertise than the usual addiction intervention. Due to the complicated symptoms and vast differences in mental health disorders, its important to utilize a variety of techniques and intervention approaches. Intervention 180 is one of the few companies to specialize in mental health interventions.

Our staff has all been required to work with acute mental health disorders in certain capacities. This is done in order to enhance our approach at mental health and co-occurring intervention models. If you or your family are considering a mental health intervention please hire a professional. We work with the nations leading treatment providers and can give you the top choices for treatment. Here are forms of mental health intervention we perform:

- Bipolar Intervention

- Depression Intervention

- Anxiety Disorder Intervention

- Schizophrenia Intervention

- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Intervention

- Most forms of Psychosis

- Disassociative Disorders

- Personality Disorders

- Axis II Diagnosis

- Unknown Mental Health Diagnosis NOS



For Assistance Call Our National Helpline 1-888-435-7960