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Team Building, Employee Drug Testing, Drug Screening
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Team Building, Employee Drug Testing, Drug Screening Team Building and Employee Drug Testing are a few of the services we have provided for employers throughout the united states. Every year addiction costs American employers over One Billion Dollars in lost revenue, injuries in the workplace, lack of productivity and company loss. Statistics show that an "open door" policy about addiction or an EAP program, helps to minimize the losses related to addiction. Smart and Successful employers across the country are starting to realize that; just because an employ is an addict does not mean he or she is no longer of value.  Educating your company can help your employees identify possible problems and seek the help they need.  Before it costs you time, money or a life.  Whether your business is 5 employees or 5,000, we can help create a safe and healthy work environment for you and your company. Here is a menu of services we provide for business's across the United States and Canada:

  • Workplace Intervention

  • Creating Company Drug Policies and Procedures

  • Employee Monitoring Programs

  • Company Education

  • Team Building

  • EAP Services (tailored to your company)

If you have any questions about our services for business's, please contact our national help line at 888-435-7960.