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Sober Companion & Recovery Mentoring SErvices

sober companion, sober mentor, sober companions Sober Companion and Recovery Mentor services were designed to help newly recovering people implement recovery in their home environment.  Comparable to a life coach or personal advisor, Sober Companion and Recovery Mentor Services are often utilized for high profile professionals, musicians on tour, actors and athletes.  However, Sober Companion and Recovery Mentoring services are now being recognized as a highly beneficial aide for all recovering people who struggle to maintain abstinence.

We are the only company to provide sober companion services on two separate levels of intensity. These two levels are:

  • Clinical Recovery Mentoring- A certified counselor will be provided for you or your loved one. This professional will be put in place prior to discharge from treatment. They will be methodically matched to your loved one to ensure a therapeutic match. These services are highly recommended for those with mental health disorders in conjunction with addictive disorders. The counselor/mentor will escort your loved one home and help them transition into the home environment. They will meet with the client and their family to ensure open lines of communication. They will help establish a professional support network for the client. This service will be provided for various lengths of time based on the clients needs.
  • Non-Clinical Recovery Mentoring- A trained recovering individual will be assigned to your loved one to aide in their daily life. This mentor will escort the client to meetings, appointments and help them establish a recovery support network. These services are highly customized and tailored to you or your loved one.


Our Sober Companion & Recovery Mentoring Protocol is ideal for any recovering person seeking to strengthen and protect their recovery. If your loved one has completed treatment before, but relapsed following treatment, this service is the next logical option. Often times our clients express knowledge of recovery skills but struggle with executing the actions necessary to maintain abstinence.

Intervention 180 understands that treatment is not enough for some and not an option for others.  Whether you have tried treatment and relapsed or have non-negotiable commitments that may place your recovery at risk, this service can help. Recovery Mentoring Services allow obligations to be fulfilled without jeopardizing recovery. 

Your Recovery Mentor will come and stay with you or your loved one, around the clock if needed. Our Mentors are discrete, professional and supportive.  These services are often used by people following treatment to ensure success.  An Intervention 180 Recovery Mentor is available for anywhere from 2-weeks to several months.  If you have any questions about our these services please feel free to contact our national help line at 888-435-7960.

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