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Addiction Recovery Management Services and Basic Monitoring Services

Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers, Addiction Treatment, Addiction RecoveryAddiction treatment centers for adults and adolescent residential treatment centers are showing increasing success rates. A large part is due to the understanding that post treatment monitoring is a crucial component of long term success. Research has proven that a client's Addiction Recovery Success Rate increases by well over 70% when a higher level of structure is implemented during their first year of recovery. A higher level of structure meaning post addiction treatment drug and alcohol testing, monitored 12-step attendance, coaching, referral resources, family support and additional services as needed.

Why It Works

Addiction was ruled a disease by the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1976. In the past 20 years the field of addiction medicine has gained considerable insight into the medical workings of addiction. Recovery Management and Monitoring takes the skills taught in treatment centers, 12-step meetings and implements them in a concrete fashion within the home or work environments. Recovery Management and Monitoring have been implemented for years amongst doctors, lawyers, airline pilots and other professionals. These services help track and ensure the professionals abstinence before, during and after their return to the work force. On average, these professional monitoring programs report success rates of 80%-95%. Addiction Recovery Management creates a safety net of resources for these professionals to utilize in early recovery. Intervention 180 is now making these evidence based services available to everyone.


Intervention 180 Basic Monitoring

Intervention 180 will monitor the following items:

•  Outpatient Attendance

•  12-step meeting attendance (via self report form)

•  Therapy Appointments

•  Employment (when requested)

•  Random Urinalysis (drug and alcohol testing)

•  As needed phone contact with the client

The Basic Monitoring includes one monthly written report to designated parties.


The ARMS Program Consists of the Following Components:

1.) A Discharge Planning Meeting - This meeting involves the client, their treatment counselor and one of the Intervention 180 ARMS staff. The purpose of this meeting is to outline the discharge plan and familiarize the client with their Intervention 180 ARMS Coach.

2.) A Treatment Plan - This document outlines the recommended continuing care suggestions made by the treatment provider. Too often clients neglect this plan once discharged from treatment. The role of Addiction Recovery Management Services is to teach the client how to implement this plan once in the world.

3.) Random Drug Testing - Intervention 180 will arrange for professional and accurate lab testing. Drug testing is an added motivational factor for newly recovering people. Often times addiction breaks the bonds of trust and severs all confidence in the addicted individual. Random Drug Testing helps the client demonstrate their abstinence to employers, friends and family.

4.) Scheduled Support Group Meetings - We will help locate 12-step support group meetings (AA, NA, GA, CODA, OA, etc...) in your area. We also track the individuals attendance so the family can cease care-taking.

5.) ARMS Phone Coaching- Along with the one year of monitoring comes phone coaching. These sessions will address the clients key points of concern, recovery/relapse scenarios and family re-entry concerns.

6.) Mental Health and Psychological Referral - Intervention 180 specializes in helping those with dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. We can refer your loved one to a professional who understands addiction and how it relates to other mental health issues.

7.) Outpatient Referral- Intervention 180 can assist in finding the right outpatient provider for your loved one. Whether voluntary or court mandated.

8.) A Sober Companion or Sober Mentor - Intervention 180 also provides sober companion or sober mentoring services. These services can be arranged for a few days or a few months, depending on the client's needs.

The ARMS Program is ideal for those who have tried treatment before and continue to relapse.  Often times these individuals know what needs to be done for their recovery yet struggle with implementing the actual plan.  Intervention 180 does not use a cookie cutter approach to Recovery Management.  Each plan is specifically tailored to the client and spares no detail.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. Addiction Recovery Management is also used in combination with addiction intervention and other services.

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